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Sample HSI Analysis Projects

Title: Designing the Maryland Medical Care Encounter Database

Client: The Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care

Dates: August 15, 1994 - December 1, 1994

The Maryland Health Care Access and Cost Commission (HCACC) was authorized by the Maryland State legislature to create a statewide all payer claims database for health policy analysis. Acting as a consultant to the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, HSI was given a leading role in designing the specifications of the Maryland's all-payer database based on earlier experience working with claims data. HSI continued its involvement with HCACC's Independent Verification and Validation of the Maryland Medical Care Database.

Title: Technology Transfer of Claims Data analysis for the DEMPAQ project

Client: The Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care

Dates: October 1, 1993 - April 1, 1994

At the conclusion of the DEMPAQ project, HSI completed a technology transfer project with the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care (DFMC). During the course of the project, fifteen one day tutorials were conducted with the DFMC health policy analyst team. These projects culminated in DFMC successfully replication of their own provider profiles using their own software and analysts.

Title: General Health Systems/ Economics Consulting

Client: Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Inc.

Dates: October 1, 1996 - Present

HSI is currently on retainer on the Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Inc. for consulting on health economics and outcomes research initiatives.Work to date has included review of internal research protocols and methods to evaluate the value of external disease management organizations.

Title: Evaluating the Uniform Clinical Data Set for Health Service Research

Client: The Health Care Financing Administration

Dates: November 1, 1992 - May 31, 1993

The Uniform Clinical Data Set (UCDS) was heralded in 1991 as a method to capture detailed clinical information not available on administrative claims records. HSI served in the role of an initial beta-tester on the UCDS as a data consultant to HCFA.

Title: Development and Evaluation of Methods to Promote Ambulatory Care Quality (DEMPAQ)

Client: The Johns Hopkins University

Dates: September 1, 1990 - March 31, 1994

The DEMPAQ project's objective was to explore the methods that could best identify ambulatory quality of care utilization in the Medicare population. This project was instrumental is highlighting the benefits and shortcomings of Medicare claims data for analysts and was one of the first applications of the Medicare National Claims History File outside of HCFA. HSI served as a research team member with participants from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, the Park Nicolet foundation and Brandeis University.

Title: Using Claims Data to Identify Physician Practice Style

Client: The University of Rochester

Dates: April 1, 1990 - February 1, 1991

HSI created the specifications for extracting three years of claims data from Blue Choice, a large IPA model HMO in Rochester, New York. This work was completed as a part of a large AHCPR multi-year research project. This database was used to identify the impact of physician practice style on primary care provider cost and referral patterns. The results of this analysis were presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Medical Decision Making in 1990, 1992, and 1994.

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