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Sample HSI Data Projects

Title: Develop a CD-ROM access to care database for health insurance claims from Pennsylvania and Tennessee Medicaid Recipients.

Client: Health Resources Services Administration

Dates: March 1, 1997 - September 30, 1997

The primary care analysis unit of the U.S. federal government's Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) contracted with HSI on a sole-source basis to convert 90 3480 mainframe tapes of 1992 Medicaid claims data into a CD-ROM database ready for analysis on a PC platform. HSI completed this task ahead of schedule and used the extra time within the scope of the project to assist the HRSA research staff with their application of the analytic files. The information was provided in an episode of care framework in SAS data formats to minimize the start-up costs by an analyst/programmer unfamiliar with the database structure.

Title: Point of Service Referral Patterns in a Managed Care Setting.

Client: The Johns Hopkins University

Dates: April 15, 1997 - September 1, 1997

HSI is supplying a systems analyst to the Johns Hopkins University for expertise regarding the generation of an efficient structure of claims data to examine the results of the financial incentives of a point of service plan. This project involved working with claims data from three large private health insurance plan and the generation of analytic files stored on CD-ROM.

Title: Develop a CD-ROM episode of care database for urological procedures received by all males in the Medicare population.

Client: The Project HOPE Center for Health Affairs

Dates: January 1, 1997 - February 28, 1997

The Triangle Urological Group in Pittsburgh purchased three years of claims data representing all of the services provided to men who received a selected group of surgical procedures. HSI worked with the Project HOPE Center for Health Affairs to create a CD-ROM database based on over 180 9-track tapes of Medicare claims data. The information was provided in an episode of care framework that could be completed on a PC with very little start-up costs by an analyst/programmer.

Title: Developing Maryland Medicare Public Use File from the DEMPAQ Project.

Client: The Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Johns Hopkins University & Harvard University

Dates: November 1, 1993 - June 30, 1995

The DEMPAQ project generated public use claims databases for the Medicare services provided in the States of Maryland, Iowa and Alabama for date of service 7/1/90 to 6/30/91. These databases were enhanced with the creation of patient-level case-mix groupings, usual primary care sources for beneficiaries and standardized resource use measure to compare efficiencies among providers. Working with the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care HSI adapted the databases for PC network use and demonstrated that Medicare analyses could be entirely PC-based if appropriate computer equipment was used.

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