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Analysis with HSI

Provider Profiling

We can integrate provider profiling with case-mix adjustment (using Johns Hopkins University Ambulatory Care Group [ACG] software) and generate specialist profiles. Our quality of care profiles exceed HEDIS requirements. Managed care plans may take advantage of Medicare fee-for-service profiles of primary care physicians. Custom profiles are generated with rapid turn-around.

Episode of Care Construction

We can build episodes from average claims data. We realize that most current claims analyses are episode of care studies. For example, a diabetic care profile requires: identification of study population; selection of all relevant claims; a time index of treatments and diagnoses; and identification of process of care and outcome measures. These are not exercises in counts of treatments or particular outcomes. It's an analysis of treatments and outcomes that occur on a continuous timeline. The sequence of events is as important as their occurrence.

Custom Financial or Statistical Analysis

We've seen lots; but will draw on the expertise of the HSI Network of academic and industry analysts as necessary. We are able to develop age, sex and case-mix adjusted capitation rates for practices as well as individual primary care physicians and specialists.
      Our statistical analysis tool kit ranges from basic tests of statistical significance to advanced econometric modeling using limited dependent variable regression analysis as well as time series analysis. These advanced approaches are particularly important when examining the impact of individual physician practice style on health care cost and quality.

Claims Data Analysis

We have a standard template of key variables for generating claims based analysis. Our goal is to provide you with the foundation to complete any of the analysis tasks listed above on your own. We can also pre-process any large claims database using our on-site computer resources. For example, we developed analytic files using approximately 90 mainframe data tapes to analyze patterns of care for two states' Medicaid populations.

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