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Software Development with HSI

Windows Applications

HSI produces stand-alone Windows applications using visual programming languages (e.g. Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Java). These give you the best of both worlds; the rigor of formal economic models of cost-effectiveness and convenient contact management.

Our specialty is physician profiling by:

      HEDIS Measures

      C- Section

      Outpatient Surgery


      Financial Performance

Biotechnology Marketing Software

Too often, biotechnology firms send their sales agents into the field with boring electronic spreadsheets to try and sell a product. In today's information intense marketplace, providers and potential clients of new biomedical product appreciate an informed overview of a new product that also gives them a bottom line quickly and accurately. The problem with this approach is that the clinical and economic evaluations that demonstrate a product's cost-effectiveness can be unapproachable to the non-academic.
      This is where HSI's new software initiative comes into play. We design custom Windows 95 and NT applications that are based on published clinical or pharacoeconomic analyses to allow the potential buyer to input their own experience into the software to get a personalized bottom line. To be precise, this software calculates the economic value of a medical technology given client preferences and input prices. Since our core staff have completed economic evaluations of medical care as well as developed computer software, this product has become a natural niche for HSI and one of our areas of largest growth. The software also acts as a contact manager to record clients' price and strategy information. E-mail us for a free demonstration of the software.

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