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The following features of HSI's services will be of interest to biotechnology marketers.
Biotechnology Marketing

Analysis:  Episodes of care are the key to developing clinical profiles based on administrative claims data. Imagine being able to use data with a study population in the thousands to millions to verify results from small clinical trials. We can also develop special market profiles to determine what the pricing is for a new medical technology based on the prices of existing therapies that could be used as substitutes or complements.

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Data:  We have access to public use claims files for quick market analyses of public and private insurance markets. We can also secure access to current claims data working with the Health Care Financing Administration or other third party payers that we have partnered with in the past.

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Software:  For the biotechnology market, we have developed a new and exciting approach to disseminating information on the clinical and economic benefits of new medical technology to providers. We can develop custom Microsoft Windows applications that provide an overview of the product. Clients may customize a cost-benefit analysis to get the bottom line.

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Medicare Claims:Want to know the number of services and level of expenditures of inpatient and outpatient procedures related to the use of new or existing medical technology? We tap the power of Medicare claims records for scientific research that would provide suitable information for a market analysis. Anyone can purchase the Medicare claims database, but few know how to effectively use it as well navigate through the data security process to get access to data. If you're thinking about using Medicare data for marketing purposes, work with us for a fast assessment of whether your request is likely to approved by HCFA. Once approved, we can turn the mainframe tapes that HCFA supplies into a summarized analytic file to speed your assessment of market conditions.

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