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The following features of HSI's services will be of interest to health policy researchers.
Health Policy Researchers

Analysis:  If you want to go beyond simply counting beds or service areas to inform a health policy debate or analysis, check out what we can do for you using advanced analysis tools such as episode of care and claims data analysis.

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Data:  We can provide quick access to new and established data sources to address today's policy issues. Also, if you have a new or old database on mainframe cartridge or tape that you need to start analyzing, we can pre-process most all mainframe-based claims and survey databases and deliver them on CD-ROM or PC tape backup, usually within a week.

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Software:  We can generate custom software applications to either describe an issue, disseminate information or create simulations for health care financial/economic analyses.

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Medicare Claims:  Need quick answers to the current happenings of the nation's largest and fastest growing health insurance program, then call us to explore ideas regarding entire programs such as Part B services or the financial impact of what a single new medical procedure for a population demographic would be.

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