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The following features of HSI's services will be of interest to health plan M.I.S. staff.
Health Plan M.I.S. Staff

Analysis:  For those who want to go beyond HEDIS using episode of care analysis, we offer a wide array of advanced methods that are computationally intense yet understandable to senior managers and medical providers. We have inexpensive methods of case-mix adjustment and can customize predictive statistical models to your plan(s) and marketplace to inform financial projections and expenditure targets.

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Data:  Are you at the mercy of mainframe computers for working with moderate to large databases? You should talk to us about getting out of mainframe queues and porting your core data to CD-ROM or optical disk to speed up your process of turning data into information. For example, we recently generated a CD-ROM database for the Department of Health and Human Services to analyze two entire states of Medicaid claims data (10 million + records) at line-item detail.

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Software:  Have you grown tired of developing custom applications for every ad-hoc request from medical providers, regulators or managers within you own organization? We can offer professional consultation on the design of health care databases as well as design a system for you based on either a Microsoft relational database programming language (e.g., Microsoft Access) or SAS. We are also developing our a stand-alone Windows NT-based software package to perform quality of care and episode analysis. Please contact us if you would like to be a beta site for this software project.

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Medicare Claims:  It is now possible to purchase an encrypted Medicare claims database to complete market analysis. Years 1991 through 1996 are available for 5% sample of the entire claims database. If you need to examine the service patterns of Medicare beneficiaries in preparation for a new Medicare managed care initiative, this is a tremendous resource that HSI can help you utilize at far less expense price than competing health data organizations.

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